True Circularity in Furniture

Aug 09

At Fyrn, we believe good design considers future circumstances. Which is why we’ve systematically reconsidered every aspect of how our furniture is designed, built, bought, and owned.

All Fyrn products are designed and built using our foundational part-and-pieces system that allows for minimal raw material waste, maximum strength and durability, and easy repair and refurbishment over generations.

However, even the best made products on their own are not enough; we need programs that avoid unnecessary waste and easily facilitate reuse.

Our In-Home Trial Program allows you to try an item at home, risk free, ensuring 100% confidence in your purchase.

While preferences may change, the durability of our items will not. We commit to Buy Back your items at any time for any reason. The quality, resilience and serviceability of our design enables us to get a piece back into circulation quite easily, extending its life cycle on The Annex, our online shop for vintage finishes, seconds, restored items, and other unique Fyrn pieces.

From design to delivery, our systems enable us to take responsibility for what we produce, which to us, is true sustainability.

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