Fyrn's History

Jul 01

Fyrn’s lineage traces all the way back to the Hitchcock Chair Company – a business founded in northern Connecticut in 1818 with the innovative idea of mass producing chairs using interchangeable parts.

The company had a 100-year run until the Great Depression hit, nearly wiping them out completely. But in the early 40’s, a group got together to revitalize the business, and one of those folks was Fyrn Co-Founder Ros’s grandfather, who led Production.

Growing up a 4th generation woodworker, Ros saw first hand the challenges his grandfather faced – from warehousing to distribution to the servicing of furniture.

After many years building ultra-high end pieces for well-resourced clients, he felt compelled to explore inventive ways to bring availability and scale to high-end craftsmanship, while rethinking the system that created challenges for Hitchcock.

This exploration resulted in a proprietary parts-and-pieces system, now called Stemn, that enables not only for operational efficiency, but true circularity in furniture.

Together with co-founder David Charne, who shared his conviction that a systems approach to design could solve challenges in the furniture world, the two thoughtfully built Fyrn with a core philosophy that the way something is made matters just as much as the product itself.

Over 200 years later, Fyrn continues to operate in the same spirit as the Hitchcock Chair company -- bringing craftsmanship to more people through a lens of innovation.

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