Circular Design Glossary

Oct 04

Circular Design Glossary

At Fyrn, we believe good design considers future circumstances. All of our products are designed and built using our foundational part-and-pieces system that allows for minimal raw material waste, maximum strength, and easy repair and refurbishment.

We also believe that true sustainability is a collective undertaking.

In an effort to overcome greenwashing & jargon, the teams at mebl, the Sustainable Furnishings Council and SOMA Studio Milano, developed a glossary that illustrates circular design concepts.


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Why is it necessary: The path to sustainable business practices is littered with jargon. 

Terms like “circularity,” “biophilia,” “zero waste” and “carbon neutral” get tossed around like confetti these days, and it’s not just consumers who are in danger of falling for greenwashing. Designers and manufacturers alike are increasingly daunted by the lack of unified definitions for these practices.

Excerpt from Business of Home’s: Confused by sustainability jargon? A new glossary aims to help

By Haley Chouinard

We’re excited by the collaboration within our industry to better define and act on sustainable and circular practices. And proud to be included in the Circular Design Glossary as a practical example of refurbishment. 

Download the Circular Design Glossary here.