Fyrn combines classic principles of woodworking with modern build techniques to create products that define the new shape of craft – timeless, elegant and resilient furniture that complements the way you live.


Craft + Innovation

Honoring materials and tradition, while creating solutions with today’s tools.

Essential by Design

Every part and piece plays a necessary role.

All aspects considered

Consideration for impact and experience from design to delivery.


Founded on a core philosophy that the way something is made matters just as much as the product itself, Fyrn takes a systems approach to design. Our foundation lies in Stemn, the defining architectural feature of our pieces that enables us to produce high-quality craftsmanship at scale. 

Our pieces are specified in restaurants of James Beard and Michelin Star chefs, as well as in the most beautiful homes, art galleries, and wineries around the country.

Not only do we take ownership of our manufacturing processes, producing all our furniture in the United States with our own team, but we design into future circumstances, allowing for the true circularity and reuse of furniture.

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