We come from generations of people that take pride in working with their hands to make useful and beautiful things. Drawing from our roots in furniture making, we are dedicated to furthering these meaningful traditions and values.

Fyrn offers an alternative to disposable culture and hopes to inspire more considered choices. All of our furniture is designed and made with love by folks in California.


A History of Craftsmanship

"My family has been designing and making furniture since the early 1900’s. My grandfather helped revive production of the classic American Hitchcock chair in the 30’s, and my father and brother were timber framers and door builders. Generations of woodworking and manufacturing experience go into everything we make. I’m privileged to work side-by-side with a group of talented people whose dedication make Fyrn what it is today."  —Ros Broughton



Modern Heirlooms

At the heart of our work is the desire to bring people together, building closer families and stronger communities. We grew up in homes where furniture had a story and contributed to the meaningful traditions, events and gatherings within. With an obsession for perfection and a lot of love, Fyrn creates modern objects that will become part of your story. Furniture that grows richer as your memories become part of the patina of each piece.

Enduring + Innovative

Our chair is the foundation of Stemn, a broader furniture system that aims to change the way people relate to and value the objects they choose for their homes. We hope to inspire a move away from a disposable culture by creating a sense of connection between people, places and materials.

The Strength of Stemn

Our patented Stemn bracket enables us to build strong, high-end furniture that can be shipped easily without sacrificing quality. Durable, replaceable and uncomplicated, we believe it’s truly a beautiful piece of hardware. So much so, that it inspired the name of our furniture line.

Obsession for Quality

It took years to design a chair that would last generations. Now that we have, we’re committed to making great furniture accessible to more people. We admit that our practices border on compulsive, but we won’t stop finding ways to improve the comfort and quality of our furniture. We think you deserve that. We believe that the relationship between you and a chair is like a handshake or an agreement. You just know when it feels right.

Values + Valued

Nothing can replace the discipline, patience and hard work required to make a good product. We take the extra time to find suppliers who share our values, and solutions that are closer to home.
Built in San Francisco by local tradespeople, we are honored to be the chair of choice for a handful of our favorite Bay Area restaurants — a great testimonial for the comfort and durability of our designs. We’re always surprised and delighted when someone tells us they found us by turning their chair upside down in the middle of a meal, because they so enjoyed the experience of sitting on it.

Every Choice Considered

We can’t produce a chair without having an impact on the planet. But we are relentless about making the very best choices we can, from design through delivery. Everything from responsibly harvested lumber to recyclable packaging. We acknowledge our footprint and aim to reduce it through design that minimizes waste and maximizes the attributes of our materials.