The Keyhole Table

Part of the Keyhole Collection, the Keyhole table puts structural support on display.

Customize lengths

Table lengths are customizable between 66 - 144 inches.

Wood: Natural Oak, Oxidized Oak, Black Walnut or Dark-Oiled Walnut*

Brackets: Copper Bronze or Graphite

*Dark-Oiled Walnut is a pre-release finish. See the materials section of the FAQ for more information.

  • Table height: 29.25”
  • Table width: 39"
  • Table length: Customizable between 66” - 144”

Prices vary by length

  • 72" tables: $6,250 - $7,900
  • 92” tables: $8,250 - $10,300

Inquire for pricing on custom lengths.

Our team is available at for professional quotes.