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Jul 28

The New Shape of Craft

In 2012, Fyrn was founded to make craftsmanship quality available to more people. With a desire to create enduring products that consider impact and experience from design to delivery, we believed that the only way to do so was to rethink the entire system of production. So, we did just that, resulting in a new method of making that allows us to efficiently produce incredibly high quality pieces at scale. Not only do we take ownership of our manufacturing processes, we systematically design for future circumstances, allowing for true circularity and reuse of furniture.

We call this The New Shape of Craft; classic principles of woodworking meet modern manufacturing techniques, redefining how furniture is made and owned.

Today, with over a decade of development and dedication, we’re excited to share Fyrn’s new visual identity. One that more accurately reflects the quality and timelessness of our products and processes.

Our hope is to be a steward of craft, encouraging intention and integrity in the choices we make for our homes and for the future.

Thank you for being a part of our journey thus far. Here’s to the next decade and beyond.

- Ros Broughton & Dave Charne, co-founders of Fyrn

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