The Stemn System

Jul 29

The foundation of Fyrn lies in Stemn, our proprietary design system that brings together the warmth of hardwood with the strength of metal, making our furniture…

Elegant. A restrained and essential design language, quietly fitting into any space without over embellishment.

Resilient. Strength and durability that is proven to hold up in even the most high-trafficked spaces.

Enduring. A parts-and-pieces system that can be repaired or refurbished, even for changing tastes

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Stemn enables a more confident furniture shopping and owning experience.

Faster lead times: Delivered in weeks, not months. Stemn’s parts-and-pieces system enables us to more efficiently craft the components we need to build each custom item. 

In-Home Trial: A testament to the confidence we have in the design, quality and utility of our pieces. Test any seating in your home before you decide to buy. 

Buy Back: When circumstances or tastes change, we’ll repurchase your pieces - which we can easily repair or refurbish as necessary and put back into circulation on the Annex.