Straightforward video instructions for home assembly of Fyrn seating.

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Intuitive guidance for care and maintenance of your Fyrn pieces.

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10 Years, labor included; our pledge to stand behind the quality of our products.

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A little love and a lot of common sense are the most important elements of caring for your furniture.

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Is any regular care or maintenance required for my furniture?

A little love and a lot of common sense are the most important elements of caring for your furniture. Below are a couple things you may not know, and a few we’re sure you would have come up with on your own:

Liquid and moisture will damage wood furniture.

Always wipe up any moisture using a soft cloth. Our furniture may be brought outside on a nice day, but do bring it back in when you’re done, or dew and rain will damage it over time.

- Extreme or prolonged exposure to heat can also be damaging to wood.

- Rough and sharp objects should not be dragged across your furniture.

- Sunlight will modify the color of wood over time. If you have a set of chairs or stools and some receive more sun than others, rotate them occasionally for even exposure.

- Clean with a slightly damp cloth as needed. Wipe dry with a separate cloth.

- Never use cleaning products containing ammonia, alcohol or petroleum.

- Coasters are strongly recommended when resting drinks or dishes on any surface.

Wood Care: 

Wipe the wood with a damp cloth as needed and dry immediately. 

If you need something beyond water, use a watered down soap solution. Dry immediately and never leave the wood surfaces wet. 

Leather Care: 

Leather is a natural, porous material, so while conditioning and care will always help, there is nothing that will prevent oils and the like from causing some stains or marks. In many cases these work themselves out over time and become part of the patina, but the material is not stain-proof. 

Use of a leather conditioner or cleaner may change the color of your leather. As such, if you decide to use any product, we recommend you test a small, hidden area prior to full application. 

Each piece of furniture we make is unique, and includes inherent variations of the natural materials we use.

At Fyrn, we celebrate those differences and believe that it makes each piece special. These variations represent the character and unique back story of the material before it was re-shaped and transformed into your furniture. To us, these marks add meaning, and allow us to embrace the many beautiful complexities of Mother Nature.

In leather, these may take the form of shading, scars or slight creases in the material, while wood may have occasional knots, color variation, or inconsistent graining. We don’t believe in wasting material so our highest priority is to choose wood, metal, and upholstery that will last. 

This story continues to evolve as you own and use the furniture. Dents, scratches, and dings are a normal part of everyday life and are not to be feared. In fact, we love to see this happen because it shows that our products are being used which is most important to us. Like a well broken-in baseball glove, this normal wear and tear will eventually blend to become part of the aged surface, making the Fyrn piece unique to you and your family or establishment.

How do I disassemble the furniture for purposes of moving?

Our furniture is not intended for disassembly and re-assembly by customers.

In order to avoid unintended damage, lost parts, or inconvenience, we don't recommend disassembling the furniture when moving. However, if you are returning an item or must disassemble the furniture for some reason, please contact customer service so that we can provide you with video instructions to ensure the process goes smoothly.

Is my furniture repairable if something breaks?

Our furniture is designed and built to be durable, but we understand life is unpredictable and accidents will happen. We created the Stemn system of furniture so that, in most cases, any piece can easily be repaired. Please contact our customer team if you require a repair or part replacement, and we’ll be happy to help.

Recommended Ongoing Maintenance for Seating.

We designed Fyrn chairs and stools to be long-lasting and repairable.

Given the nature of their use, it's very important for chairs and stools to have the ability to flex under human body weight or uneven floors (even subtle ones). Engineering flex into the furniture is part of what will make it last a very long time.

If you are experiencing any creaking as your chair/stool settles in, retightening the screws using the Fyrn tool will help ensure the longevity of your furniture.

We recommend that you retighten the screws on your Fyrn seating pieces about a month after assembly and then as needed, depending on the type of use. In most residential settings, retightening beyond the first month is rarely necessary.

Fyrn Warranty

10 years, labor included

Our Warranty is our pledge to stand behind the quality of our products and support our customers’ needs.

During the applicable warranty period which begins at the date of purchase, Fyrn will repair or replace any covered product which fails under normal use as a result of a manufacturing defect.

See attached warranty for details.