Our Process

Aug 09

At Fyrn the method of making matters, and we aim to honor our craft and integrity in every aspect of our production.

These behind-the-scenes photos offer a look into our process.

As always, our team is here to answer any questions you have about our process and our products. Contact us by emailing info@fyrn.com.

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Domestically sourced North American Hardwoods from responsibly managed forests are milled in lineal lengths. The result is Fyrn's signature elegant and slim profile - as well as a maximized lumber yield that decreases environmental impact. 

Over 30 proprietary machines were built and developed to produce pieces of uncompromising quality, consistently and at scale. 

Experts in both wood + metal, we mill our patented brackets & hardware in house. 

Founder-managed quality control ensures that each piece meets our incredibly high standards. 

By combining classic principals of wood-working with modern manufacturing techniques, we create pieces that define The New Shape of Craft.