I started Fyrn with the goal of creating and following a purposeful, deliberate path ...

A little history about Fyrn

Founder’s Letter:
Dear Friends,

I started Fyrn with the goal of creating and following a purposeful, deliberate path. I grew up on a farm in the Connecticut woods, surrounded by generations of builders and woodworkers. This experience left me with a deep appreciation for nature and the Earth. Fyrn’s Co-founder (who I am writing this letter with), David Charne, and I share the same values. We are both parents and, for us, the desire and challenge to live and operate a business deliberately is more real than ever before.

The Challenges We Face
Making furniture can’t be done without using the Earth’s natural resources – trees are harvested, metal is mined, electricity is used, and fuel is burned. For decades, many companies have been importing inexpensive products that don’t last or aren’t worth maintaining, impacting people’s perception of quality and price. In the U.S. alone, over 12 million tons of furniture and appliances are thrown in the landfill each year.

We do not want to be part of the wave of companies making unsubstantiated claims of how “Earth-friendly” their products are. This greenwashing has no effect on consumption and doesn’t change the fact that our planet can’t sustain the use-and-discard culture that is universal today. It’s these issues that made us ask ourselves if we could still do what we love while holding ourselves to a higher standard. Could we help to change our culture’s destructive behaviors?

The events of last year have forced us to slow down, consider how we are living, and what is most important in life. It has reinforced the importance of noticing how we affect each other and the planet. Our population is continuing to grow at an incredibly fast pace, while in contrast the Earth’s resources and habitable lands are diminishing. We care about the future of our families and this Planet, and don’t want to leave today’s challenges for the next generation to solve. How can we responsibly continue to work as craftspeople that run a business making and selling home furnishings while caring for the Earth? At Fyrn, we are building with our hands and minds, emphasizing action over words, and asking questions that are hopefully leading us down the right path.

Our Commitments to building a Planet-First Design Movement
Create Products that Last for Generations - Make simple useful things that have the potential to last forever.

Reduce Consumption - Design furniture that's easy to maintain and refurbish + customer programs that support multiple product life cycles.

Be Real & Give Meaningful Information - No misleading advertising. Provide what is necessary for customers to make informed decisions.

Reach More People with Less Resources - Make the resale of Fyrn products easy + utilize imperfect materials for Shop 2nds, creating lower price points and minimizing waste.

Our Customer Programs - aka ‘Action Over Words’
Starting in 2021, we are adding more value to our products through a set of initiatives that support our commitments and align with our ethics.

Fyrn In-Home Trial - An easy way to try our furniture that eliminates the need to go out to a showroom and the unnecessary shipping of multiple packages before you’re certain about your choice. FIT ships for free within 3 days, there’s no restocking fees, and no need for the furniture to be returned in perfect condition.

Fyrn Buy Back - A new program where certified products are eligible for repurchase by Fyrn. We will refurbish these items and make them available on the Fyrn Exchange. Giving our customers the confidence to invest in quality furniture while acknowledging that people's lives and tastes change.

Fyrn Exchange - A platform that promotes less waste by facilitating the resale of Shop 2nds, pre-loved, and refurbished Fyrn products. This extends the life of our furniture while making it more accessible to more people through lower entry price points and person-to-person sales within your community.

Buying any new product is a decision to take seriously. Furniture should be considered a long term investment that adds value and warmth to your home for many years or even generations to come.

As always, we encourage you to reach out to us and ask questions (founders@fyrn.com).

Stay well,
Dave & Ros

A little history about Fyrn:
Fyrn was founded by Ros Broughton, a fourth-generation furniture maker, who wanted to shift his focus from making ultra high-end cabinetry and furniture that was available only to well-resourced clients, to using those same skills to produce high quality objects that were more accessible to more people. With the help of co-founder David Charne, an experienced business operator who left the world of massive companies in order to stay closer to home and family, Fyrn has used furniture to start a conversation about a cultural obsession with cheap goods, disposability, and the real cost of making something of quality here in the USA. Today, Fyrn designs, manufactures, and sells furniture to individual consumers and designers throughout the United States and around the world. Soon, Fyrn aims to offer a platform for discussions about sustainable consumption and to provide an even more accessible range of furnishings that can withstand decades of use.

Based in San Francisco, our manufacturing facility is run by a team of talented craftspeople. Using the skills Ros learned from his family’s history as well as what he gained from his grandfather Staff Broughton, who led production during the revival of the Hitchcock Chair Company, we developed a patented furniture system engineered for comfort, minimal waste, strength, and repairability. We have shortened our supply chain through domestically sourced materials and our hardware system reduces the need for a large manufacturing and warehouse facility. This also allows us to ship our furniture quickly – either fully assembled or flat. We believe that this approach reduces our overall carbon footprint.

Our unique customer programs (Buy Back, Fyrn In-Home Trial - FIT, and Fyrn Exchange) ensure that Fyrn furniture doesn’t end up being thrown away. While many companies offer secretly gimmick-laden 100-day free trials, Fyrn stands out through clarity with FIT, a trial program that makes is easy to try things in your own home with no restocking fees, no expectations the furniture remains in perfect condition, no impossible return shipping and no need to ship every item before you’re sure about your choice.

Our furniture system is circular. By choosing Fyrn, if a consumer decides the furniture is not right for them we’ll buy it back, refurbish the piece or re-use the parts, and then resell via the Fyrn Exchange. We want our chairs to last forever, and we’ve built the infrastructure to support that. We see every single purchase of one of our products as the first step in a hopefully lifelong relationship, one that can see these objects through changes in use, home, or focus.

Fyrn is also more than just objects. We want to share what we learn along the way and aim to produce editorial content that will inspire and enliven the first-time furniture buyer as well as offer new insights for long-time design world experts. We hope that the conversation around what it means to use and buy objects today can ultimately become one that feels grounded and optimistic.

We’d love to hear how you are using your chair or about anything else on your mind. Send us a note at founders@fyrn.com.
- Ros & Dave