The New Shape of Craft

Timeless pieces that complement daily routines and last generations

Fyrn In-Home Trial

You should be able to decide on furniture from the comfort of your home. Fyrn In-Home Trial, lovingly referred to as FIT, is a residential program that invites you to live with a single Fyrn chair or stool before deciding if it’s right for the long haul. With no return or restocking fees, FIT lets you try and buy with confidence.

Fyrn Buy Back

We understand lives change and your choice of furniture may too. The Fyrn Buy Back means we will repurchase Fyrn Standard furniture any time for any reason, ensuring long-term value in your investment and the continued use of our furniture.

Fyrn Exchange

The Exchange is our online shop for those that don't mind, or even appreciate, a little built-in-history. All while getting the same great design, durability and utility of Fyrn furniture.

It’s nice to have a place to go to where you know the company practices have integrity and the product is made by good people in the most ethical way. Fyrn is a company that has thought about every aspect of their product so when I source it on behalf of my client there are just no worries about its quality or the design holding up or where it came from. It’s one of the few completely drama free options in my it looks great anywhere.

Lauren Geremia

Fyrn designs and builds absolutely beautiful chairs and stools. I so appreciate their goal of making furniture that lasts for generations. They really care about the craft, and that is expressed so eloquently in their work. Their pieces are classic in form, comfortable and durable, and really a bargain if you look at them as lasting beyond us (something all great design should aspire to!)

T.Olle Lundberg

I was first attracted to Fyrn because their designs are sleek and modern but the furniture is also durable and comfortable. They make pieces that feel inviting but offer a sense of elegance and structure. Once I had the opportunity to check out the production shop, I was even more enamored. I found their process inspiring, from design to production, assembly, and distribution. They were friendly and supportive from day one and it's great to not only support a local Bay Area small business much like ours, but also a business founded by and employing great people.

Melissa Perello
A letter from our Founders

At Fyrn, we build with our hands and minds, prefer action over words, and ask questions that lead to informed choices. We think that being wasteful is wrong, and we work hard to do the right thing. We care about the future of our families and this Planet, and don’t want to leave today’s challenges for the next generation to solve. Can we continue to work as craftspeople that run a business making and selling home products while caring for the Earth? How can we do this responsibly?


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