Standard Chair
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It took years to build a chair that would last for generations
The Mariposa dining chair is the building block for the entire Stemn Collection and is the winner of Interior Design Magazine's 2017 Best of The Year Award. Clean lined and very comfortable this chair will be a workhorse in your space for many years to come. Made from North American hardwoods, natural leather, and patented aluminum and stainless steel hardware. All parts are 100% replaceable / repairable for life.

Maple with Matte Silver
FIT ships in 3 days
Oxidized Oak Copper Bronze Brackets
FIT ships in 3 days
Charcoal Black with Black Brackets
FIT ships in 3 days
  • Weight: 5.4 Kg / 12 Lbs
  • North American hardwoods
  • Anodized aluminum brackets
  • Natural oil matte finish
  • Comfort-first design
  • Built to last