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Stanyan Bar Stool - EGID0012
Maple with Matte Silver hardware
1 available
Bartlett Backless Bar Stool - EGID0014
Oxidized Oak with Black hardware
Mariposa Standard Chair - EGID0007
Oxidized Oak with Copper Bronze hardware
De Haro Backless Counter Stool - EGID0010
Maple with Matte Silver hardware
De Haro Backless Counter Stool - EGID0013
Oxidized Oak with Black Brackets
Linden Counter Stool - EGID0003
PRE-2020 Blond Oak with PRE-2018 Graphite Brackets and Natural Leather 1103 Desert upholstery
Linden Counter Stool - EGID0001
PRE-2020 Blond Oak with Copper Bronze Brackets and Natural Leather 1053 Bloom upholstery
1 available
Mariposa Standard Chair - EGID0002
Blond Oak with Graphite brackets & Natural Leather 1013 Coal upholstery
Bartlett Backless Bar Stool - EGID0051
Oxidized Oak with Graphite Brackets & Signature Natural Coal seat
2 available
Mariposa Standard Chair - EGID0050
Charcoal Black with Copper Bronze hardware
1 available
Linden Counter Stool - EGID0047
Blond Oak frames with Black brackets
1 available
Linden Counter Stool - EGID0030
Blond Oak frames with Graphite brackets and Ultrafabrics Soft White seat
1 available