Learn about Fyrn: The Stemn System

Whether you’re just finding out about Fyrn, or you’ve been part of our community for a while, you may have seen or heard us talking about our patented, award-winning Stemn System with pride.

All of Fyrn’s products today: our chairs, counter stools, bar stools and tables, fall within our Stemn Series. A series of products built using the Stemn System.

Fyrn furniture chairs tables with Stemn brackets

So what exactly is Stemn?
Stemn is:

  1. Purposeful. Not oversized and not delicate. Stemn uses precisely the right amount of premium materials to deliver an incredibly comfortable and balanced experience without sacrificing an elegant profile. Furniture shouldn’t be precious. It’s meant to be lived in, so items in the Stemn Series are the right shapes and sizes to maximize function and use.

  2. Timeless: Stemn comes to life using natural materials in classic finishes. Customization allows for Stemn items to complement a variety of aesthetics, while the gracefully simple profile ensures that Stemn items will never go out of style.

  3. Resilient. Stemn combines the warmth of North American hardwood and strength of metal. A crafted and deliberate parts-and-pieces system, our patented brackets reinforce structural points that are most prone to failure, thus maximizing function and durability. Over the course of a chair or table’s decades-long life, designing a parts-and-pieces system also ensures easier repair and refurbishment as necessary.

  4. Ecological: In the production of Fyrn furniture, the Stemn system was designed to minimize unnecessary raw material use and waste. Once built, the durability, resilience and timeless design of Stemn decreases the need for customers to replace furniture prematurely. Finally, Stemn solves for industry-plaguing logistical issues that amplify the category’s carbon footprint like supply chain ambiguity, storage, and inefficient shipping.


What does Stemn enable?

These traits of the Stemn system don’t just yield high-end, beautiful and durable furniture. The Stemn System also enables a more confident furniture shopping and owning experience.


  1. Faster shipping lead times: Customizable, high-quality, hand-crafted furniture has traditionally taken months to get from factory to front door. Stemn’s parts-and-pieces system enables us to more efficiently craft the components we need to build each item in a nonlinear fashion. The result is that most customers will receive their items, customized to their unique finish selections in 3-4 weeks, not 3-4 months.

  2. Fyrn In-Home Trial: Fyrn's in-home trial program is a testament to the confidence we have in the design, quality and utility of the products within the Stemn Series. It's a service we created for new residential customers who want to feel that quality first hand before committing to additional items. Beyond expedited lead times on a single FIT item, no return and restocking fees mean customers can confidently invest in items for their home.

  3. Buy Back: We stand behind the resilience of each item within the Stemn Series. So when circumstances or tastes change for Fyrn owners, we’re happy to repurchase qualifying items - which we can more easily repair or refurbish as necessary and sell on our Exchange. In doing so, decreasing unnecessary material use and waste. 


In short, the Stemn System is the foundational building block of Fyrn’s aspiration to deliver uncompromising quality, a more confident furniture shopping and owning experience, all while minimizing the impact of our industry on our planet. 

Grounds for pride, we think. =)
Learn more about Stemn by contacting info@fyrn.com


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