Learn about Fyrn: Honoring Natural Materials

All of Fyrn's products are built in the United States using the highest quality materials. We're relentless about making the very best choices from design to delivery.

Our products combine the warmth of wood with the strength of metal. And for our seating lines, we offer optional upholstery for additional customization.

Today, we wanted to share a bit of our philosophy of honoring natural materials - and what that means for the products we create for you.

Honoring North American Hardwoods


Material truths

  • Natural materials are inherently unique
      • In a managed forest, the natural color and graining among trees will vary based on where they are grown and the elements they are exposed to. Within a single tree, cross sections and segments of wood will display variation due to unique growth patterns and distribution of chemical compounds throughout the tree itself. When lumber is cut and dried, all of these environmental elements factor into the final appearance of the wood.
      • In a herd of cattle, each animal will vary in its lived experience, including getting wounds, scratches and bug bites throughout its life, which can lead to visible scars and unique markings on the surface of hides. Within each individual hide, tone and texture will vary with different parts of the animal. The handling of leather along its journey from farm to factory is an extensive process, and regardless of the tanning and dye method, the material retains its natural differences.
      • Natural materials will evolve as they age: Time and exposure to sunlight, oxygen, and human activity will change wood and patina leather.

  • The uniformity that we have come to expect from natural materials is unrealistic. Over time, commercial needs have driven a learned aesthetic preference. This expectation of uniformity creates two problems:
      • The first problem is the use of lower-quality materials like particle-board in place of solid wood, and the reliance on paints and stains to create an artificially homogenous look.
      • The second is excessive waste to produce high-end furniture. Often perfectly good materials that display natural variation are sent to landfill.

  • The Earth’s resources are valuable: There is a significant environmental impact to growing trees for lumber, raising cattle for hides, and mining and refining metal for hardware. Additionally, when those materials are responsibly sourced, there is an inherent premium for the thoughtful shepherding of those goods through supply chains.


What we believe at Fyrn: As craftspeople and modern builders, we must always honor natural materials to the best of our ability.

Honoring Natural Materials


  1. We source responsibly: Our North American Hardwoods come from sustainably managed forests. Our leathers are Italian in make and sourced through a trusted domestic distributor. Our hardware is produced from recyclable aluminum and steel.

  2. Wood color is wood color: With the exception of our Charcoal Black Oak, our Maple, Oxidized Oak, Natural Oak and Black Walnut finishes are not stained. We use traditional woodworking techniques that prepare our high quality materials for decades of use - and in the case of our Oxidized Oak, bring out the wood's natural tannins through oxidation to obtain the richer color.

  3. Natural variation is naturally beautiful: Our clients come to us for high-quality materials. Inherent in those materials is natural variation and beauty. The evolution of these materials over time and based on lived experience is unique and valuable, like a fine wine.


Our quality control process includes an aesthetic review which results in the materials with the most extreme natural variation being sold on our Fyrn Exchange.

While we understand that beauty is subjective and each client's range of desired variance will be different, we hope that Fyrn’s belief and approach with materials resonates with you.

As always, our team is here to answer any questions you have about our process and our products. Contact us by emailing info@fyrn.com




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