Fyrn's Original Modern Heirloom

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Fyrn's original Modern Heirloom: The Hitchcock Chair, as featured in the May 1950 issue of Time Magazine, and side-by-side with its modern counterpart, the Mariposa.
Lambert Hitchcock founded the Hitchcock Chair Company in Riverton, Connecticut in 1818. Influenced by Connecticut clockmaker Eli Terrry, Hitchcock used interchangeable parts to streamline the production process. By 1828, the factory was producing 15,000 chairs a year.
After shutting down in the 1860s, the factory lay empty until John Tarrant Kenney discovered the abandoned factory in 1946. A new Hitchcock Chair Company was started in the same location and operated until its closure in 2006. The business was revived a second time in 2010 by Gary Hath and Rick Swenson, making new chairs and refurbishing the old.
"My family has been designing and making furniture since the early 1900’s. My grandfather helped revive production of the classic American Hitchcock chair in the 30’s, and my father and brother were timber framers and door builders. Generations of woodworking and manufacturing experience go into everything we make. I’m privileged to work side-by-side with a group of talented people whose dedication make Fyrn what it is today." —Ros Broughton