Fyrn In-Home Trial: Program details

Start your FIT process by clicking here to request a free-to-order Design Kit. 


At Fyrn, we believe in the power of really getting to know a piece of furniture before making an investment. Lovingly referred to as FIT, Fyrn In-Home Trial is new-customer residential program that enables risk-free purchase of a single chair or stool.

Shipping is on us. Try it for three weeks and if it’s not the right fit for you, we’ll take care of return and restocking fees on that item.

How does FIT work?

  1. Pick your finishes: Before ordering a FIT item, we recommend ordering a Design Kit, which includes wood, metal, and upholstery samples to help with your process. Design Kits include samples of additional materials not available on our website like Black Walnut and Graphite brackets. Fill out this form and we’ll get one to you right away.

  2. Discuss finish options: Have questions? Talk to our team by contacting info@fyrn.com. We’re happy to provide more information about all finish options and discuss the right options for you based on your needs.

  3. Order your FIT: With finish decisions made, your single FIT item can easily be ordered on Fyrn.com or by contacting info@fyrn.com.

  4. Try your FIT at home
    1.  Your FIT item will typically arrive in under two weeks. See our shipping lead time FAQ for more information.
    2.  Hold onto the original packaging while you take up to three weeks to decide if the chair or stool is right for your home. Sit on it, take a load off, and treat it like your own. We hope you’ll take some care, but normal use is what this trial period is meant for.
    3.  Contact info@fyrn.com if you have any questions about your finish selections

  5. Order more! … or not =)
    1.  If you love your FIT and need to furnish a full dining set, office or kitchen, place your remaining order on Fyrn.com or by contacting info@fyrn.com.
    2.  Love your FIT and only need the one item? Program complete! Glad you love your item.
    3.  If the FIT isn’t right for you, send it back in the original packaging and we’ll cover shipping and restocking costs. Upon receipt of your returned item, and inspection to ensure there has been no negligent damage, we’ll process your full refund. Normal use within the trial window, proper use of original packaging and following of our disassembly and packing instructions will do the trick.


When we invest in items for our homes, a better shopping experience requires more than beautiful images online. We want to give you the opportunity to feel the quality of our materials firsthand, sit in and experience the comfort and durability of our pieces, and ultimately see how the design fits amongst the rest of your life and home.

Fyrn's in-home trial program is a testament to the confidence we have in the design, quality and utility of our products. In turn it is a program we’ve created to help you feel confident in your decisions to invest in Fyrn.

Fyrn dining chair Home Trial

 Photos by Airyka Rockefeller


Contact info@fyrn.com with questions or feedback.