Fyrn Exchange: Enabling our circular ecosystem

One year after we launched the Fyrn Exchange pilot program, we are excited and proud to announce its official launch on Fyrn.com!

What is the Fyrn Exchange?
An online webshop that facilitates the resale of Shop 2nds, pre-loved, and refurbished Fyrn products. For those who don’t mind a little built-in history, the Exchange offers an opportunity for more people to acquire Fyrn’s great design, durability and utility at a lower price point.

The Fyrn Exchange also makes our Buy Back program viable, ensuring that Fyrn items have a place to go if life takes you on a different furniture path.

Why are we so excited for its official launch?
Beyond its benefits to our customers today, the Fyrn Exchange marks the completion of our ecosystem of circular products, furthering our vision to help create a world without furniture waste.

Why is this so important to us?
Well, we think it should be important to the whole furniture industry.

Furniture can’t be made without using Earth’s natural resources - trees are harvested, metal is mined, electricity is used, and fuel is burned. At Fyrn, we believe that reducing waste via renewable materials and recyclable packaging is standard practice for responsible businesses. Nowadays, this is just common sense.

The bigger and more impactful challenge for our industry is addressing material use and waste head on. We need to design, produce and sell everlasting objects that are conscious and deliberate about what it takes to create something new, how easy it is to repair and what happens when a customer decides to move on.

As a design and manufacturing company, our products were developed to address the fundamental issues that this industry is facing.

Our patented Stemn system enables:

  • Maximum strength and durability
  • A product system that plans for repair and refurbishment
  • Minimal raw material waste

But we recognizes that well-made products alone aren't enough. Services need to be put in place to help everyone avoid unnecessary waste and ease facilitation of reuse. That's where FIT, Buy Back and Exchange come in.

FIT, our Fyrn In-Home Trial allows you to try an item at home, risk free. Quick delivery on one item so you're confident in exactly what you want, before you buy - and we build more items.

Buy Back recognizes that your preferences change, but the durability of our items will not. Buy Fyrn products with the confidence to know that your items have a place to go when life takes you on another furniture path.

And most importantly, the Exchange.

  • A space that makes shop 2nds available to purchase. In doing so further minimizing material waste by making use of those items that meet our very high standards for strength and utility, but may have minor aesthetic imperfections.
  • A place for pre-loved items or returned FITs to be refurbished and resold. Thus extending the life of those materials used in the original creation of these items.
  • And a place to shop for those that don't mind, or even appreciate, a little built-in-history and aesthetic variation. All while getting the same great design, durability and utility of Fyrn furniture.


Moving from pilot to official web launch in one year is an accomplishment we're incredibly proud of. One that proves that true circularity is viable if it's fundamentally built into the design and manufacturing of products. 

Have more questions about the Exchange? 
See this blog post for more FAQ, or email us at exchange@fyrn.com


Learn more about our patented Stemn System here