Fyrn Buy Back Guarantee: Program details & FAQ

We understand lives change, and over the course of years and decades, your choice of furniture may, too. 

The Fyrn Buy Back Guarantee means we will repurchase eligible residential pieces any time for any reason, ensuring long-term value in your investment and the continued use of our furniture. 

This blog post addresses the why, what, how and FAQ’s about our Buy Back program. 

If you have additional question or suggestions, please let us know at info@fyrn.com


Why does Fyrn offer a Buy Back Guarantee?

Because life happens. People move, situations change, or you may simply choose to redecorate a space. 

When you invest in Fyrn, we want to help you through every stage of buying and owning our furniture - which includes finding its new home if that’s what you (eventually) need. 

Additionally, the Buy Back Guarantee is a service we provide to promote and facilitate refurbishment and reuse of our products. This program, along with the Fyrn Exchange, are actions we take as part of our ongoing commitment to minimize material use and waste within our industry.

Which items qualify for guaranteed buy back?

Fyrn guarantees the buy back of full-price chairs, counter stools, bar stools and nesting tables purchased for residential use beginning in January 2021.

Fyrn does not guarantee the buy back of the following furniture items or finishes:

  • Items produced and sold prior to 2021
  • Upholstered items that are COL/COM (customer owned leather/materials)
  • Items for commercial use, including office, hospitality, and retail
  • Furniture purchased on the Fyrn Exchange
  • Furniture that has been resold or transferred ownership outside of a Fyrn transaction

While Fyrn does not
guarantee buy back for these items, customers may submit any of the above items for buy back consideration. We will assess each item and state eligibility on a case by case basis.

Will Fyrn accept eligible residential furniture in any condition?

Yes, eligible items qualify for Buy Back in any condition. But just like a car, phone or house, the price paid by Fyrn for each item is directly related to the condition it is received in.

How much will Fyrn buy back my furniture for?

The Buy Back amount will be a percentage of the original Fyrn purchase amount as assessed based on condition.

When you submit furniture for Buy Back you will be asked to provide photos and a description of each items condition, including specific callouts for damage or evidence of wear & tear.

At intake, we will provide you with an estimated amount offered for Buy Back, which will be confirmed upon inspection at our facility.

The following outlines our three condition tiers as well as factors we consider in assessing the Buy Back amount. 

Three condition Tiers

  • Like New (50-75% of original Fyrn purchase): Items show no evidence of use, the furniture looks exactly as it did at the time of original purchase. 
  • Used but Good (25-49% of original Fyrn purchase): Use and normal wear are apparent, but no significant damage or neglect to care for the furniture is evident
  • Poor to Fair (5-24% or original Fyrn purchase): The furniture has significant signs of use, which may include divots, scratches or marks in the materials


In addition to the general condition of each item, we factor the state of the following components as we assess the Buy Back amount

  • Frames: Visibility & depth of divots, marks, scratches
  • Seats, backs, & tabletops: Visibility & depth of divots, marks, scratches
  • Brackets: Visibility and depth of marks or scratches
  • Upholstery (if applicable): Visibility & depth of scratches, indentations and impressions
  • Weathering: Is there any fading or discoloration from exposure to sun / water
  • Vintage: Age may impact value

We will provide a more in-depth chart as reference during the Buy Back intake process. 


How do I physically return furniture to Fyrn's workshop?

If you are located in the Bay Area or Reno, NV the most cost effective way to return the furniture is bringing it to our facility directly. 

If you are outside the Bay Area or Reno, NV, items will need to be accurately disassembled, safely packaged, and shipped to one of our facilities. Because item condition is assessed upon receipt, we recommend contacting us for Fyrn disassembly instructions and recommended return packaging. Doing so will mitigate damage during transit. Return packaging costs can be deducted from the final Buy Back amount.

What will Fyrn do with my furniture after buying it back? 

Upon receipt of your furniture, Fyrn will inspect the pieces to confirm the condition matches the photos and descriptions you have provided. After completing intake, most items will be cleaned, refurbished, and resold on the Fyrn Exchange. Other items will be taken apart with most components being repurposed, and remaining wood, aluminum or steel being recycled. We do our best to keep track of the history of the furniture so future owners know where the piece has lived before coming to their home.

Can I resell my furniture without going through Fyrn?

Yes, to reduce the resources needed to ship the furniture back to us in San Francisco, we encourage you to explore resale options and secondary marketplaces in your own community. 

How do I submit a piece of furniture for Buy Back?

Please contact the Fyrn customer team info@fyrn.com to submit a Buy Back request, and they will provide you with a link to the intake form along with detailed instructions.

How is Fyrn Buy Back even possible?

Fyrn chairs, counter stools, bar stools and nesting tables are built using a patented furniture system called Stemn. The Stemn system allows us to easily repair and refurbish furniture, giving it a chance for a 2nd life instead of a trip to the landfill. Once refurbished, we resell the furniture on the Fyrn Exchange, our centralized marketplace for customers who don’t mind a little history in the pieces they buy.


Learn more about our patented Stemn system here. 
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Photo by Airyka Rockefeller