Fyrn's fully-circular pieces are made in the US and trusted by the world’s best designers and architects.

Heritage craftsmanship

Founded by a fourth generation builder. Hard-working, exceptionally-made pieces, grounded in traditional techniques.

Owned manufacturing

Each piece, including our patented joinery is produced in-house, creating strength where other furniture fails most.

Trusted by Professionals

Not only do architects and designers specify our pieces for their clients, they choose Fyrn for their own homes and design studios.

Signature Silhouette

The Mariposa Chair, elegant lines, curves that fit every shape, with the smooth touch of real wood.

“Fyrn has thought about every aspect of their product, so when I source for a client, there is no question of the quality of the piece or where it comes from”

- Lauren Geremia, Geremia Design

“Classic in form, comfortable, and durable – Fyrn really cares about the craft which is expressed eloquently in the work”

- T.Olle Lundberg , Lundberg Design

“I admire each component of each collection as the aggregate outcome of this ethos - the beauty of assembly, pledge of stewardship, and authenticity of story.”

- Lillian Asperin, WRNS Studio

Featured Finish

Natural Oak with Copper Bronze Brackets. Fyrn finishes allow natural wood grain and variation to shine through.

Designer's favorite

Black Walnut with Leather Upholstery. Fyrn offers two distinct lines of leather.

Enduring design

All parts are 100% replaceable / repairable for life and can be updated for changing taste.

Form and Function

Long Table paired with Shasta & Pinyon nesting tables.

Classic combination

Charcoal Black Oak with Black brackets.

Most versatile

Shorty backless chair, perfect at desks, vanities, entryways - or to pull up as an extra seat at the dining table.

COM/COL available

Inquire about customer owned leather/material or leather alternatives.